Bulgarian Comunism

Catrgory: Documents, Archives...
Cyril E. Black
“The Process of Modernization: The Bulgarian Case”
In: Thomas Butler (Ed.): Bulgaria. Past and Present. Columbus, OH: AAASS, 1976
Iskra Baeva and Stefan Troebst
VADEMECUM - Contemporary History Bulgaria
Berlin - Sofia, 2007
Alexander Dallin and Fridrikh Igorevich Firsov
"Dimitrov & Stalin, 1934-1943: Letters from the Soviet Archives"
Annals of Communism. New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University Press, 2000
Alexenia Dimitrova
"The Iron Fist"
Artnik, 2005
Atanas Slavov
"With the Precision of Bats"
Occidental Press, Washington: 1986, 1992
Raymond L. Garthof
"A Journey Through the Cold War: A Memoir of Containment and Coexistence."
Washington: Brookings Institution Press, 1987, 1989 (revised), 2001
Jordan Baev (Editor)
"Bulgaria and Middle East Conflict During the Cold War Years"
Publishing House "96 PLUS Ltd.", 2006
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